We have launched a comprehensive eGuide designed to inspire those who want to embark on the e-commerce journey, either  new entrants to the market or established retailers that want to take advantage of e-commerce opportunities or get an overview of the latest trends.

Companies who already have an e-commerce presence can also benefit from this eGuide, as it includes information on upgrading/modernizing existing infrastructure. Our technical and business skills are available, in the areas covered within this eGuide,  to all these companies, in the various stages of their e-Commerce journey.

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What the eGuide provides:

  • Information about the e-Commerce global market
  • Advise for different stages of the e-Commerce journey
  • Advise for existing retailers planning an e-Commerce launch
  • e-Commerce strategy and business case
  • e-Commerce marketing strategies
  • How to improve the conversion rate of your website
  • Big data benefits in e-commerce
  • Cloud computing benefits in e-Commerce

We have exciting years ahead of us in the e-Commerce industry, as consumer behavior across multiple devices drives marketers to implement new strategies such as: applying programmatic buying, conceptualizing feature rich mobile applications, moving offline retailers online and online retailers  offline.

The fact that 40% of e-Commerce transactions will be carried out on mobile devices by the end of 2015 is further evidence of the need for these strategies to be implemented as soon as possible.

To be competitive on the Web – and to optimize the conversion of online engagements into profitable interactions – companies need to integrate context-aware applications into their online engagement strategies. These applications must address factors such as mobility, social networking and location awareness.

Adapting the customer experience to the customer’s needs and situation – the essence of contextualization – is proving to be a critical element of any successful customer engagement approach.

This eGuide will provide the context and guidance any company needs throughout their e-commerce journey. Our business and technical services complement the information contained here and, when added to our vast experience of implementing e-commerce strategies and solutions, companies should therefore feel confident they have the right e-commerce partner to share their journey.