Service Creation Environment
Euro IT Group Telecom Application Server

Euro IT Group solution is built on top of a simple, yet highly adaptable and configurable software architecture which allows fast adaptations either on the network or on the logic side, enabling rapid and cost effective development of telecom applications and fast launch of new service prototypes and concepts for existing legacy and IP network elements.

Some of the Telecom Applications that can be easily developed and deployed in a matter of weeks:

  • Real time Antifraud
  • Real time Antispam
  • Steering or anti-steering of roaming
  • Antifraud for short messages
  • Welcome SMS
  • Intelligent Call Assistant
  • interconnect call routing based on different criteria (cost, quality, load, minimum commitments, etc)
  • Self service application using voice, messaging, data session control or other services requiring real time protocol manipulation
  • Anti SMS bypass
  • SMS Antispam
  • Home Routing
  • MNP Routing
  • SS7 Firewall

Protocols covered:

  • Diameter
  • SIP

Our platform is an essential tool to empower operators and developers to merge the software development lifecycle into an agile methodology by providing a unique point which is referred to by all participants; this is the so called “service model / flow”.

Use case: Real time Antifraud

We implemented a Real Time Antifraud (RTA) solution on top of the Euro IT Group Telecom Application Server to a large European Telecom Operator. The results were impressive: our solution helped the operator reduce by 85% the usage of black routes and 7 times the number of fraudulent SIM boxes in a matter of months.

The operator needed a solution that would detect and then act on calls coming from fraudulent SIM boxes in real time. The solution was expected to allow a smarter manipulation of calls to encourage the usage of white routes and consequently limit the loss and generate the normally expected revenue. Since traditional Fraud Management Systems have various limitations, only allowing to reject/block the whole traffic from fraudulent SIM boxes, a new solution was needed to complement the legacy solution capabilities.

The Real Time Antifraud solution currently:

  • Enables real time detection of the traffic patterns specific to SIM Boxes
  • Enables them to reuse the input from the offline analysis
  • Acts on the traffic detected as being generated by SIM cards according to a flexible logic
  • Reports the progress visually

Briefly, instead of simply detecting and disabling fraudulent SIMs (replaceable in no time by the fraudster), the solution was required to keep control on each and every call from the respective SIM card.

Euro IT Group has developed the solution on top of its simple, yet highly adaptable and configurable Service Creation Environment, which allows fast adaptations either on the network or on the logic sides. The solution consists of the following components:

  • A robust stack to connect to SS7/SIGTRAN. The ambition was to handle up to 7000 transactions per second representing all of the voice traffic the operator has either on-net of from interconnect.
  • In-memory database to store all the counters needed to base a detection logic on. Counters based on any of the parameters present in a session or event request can be used flexibly.
  • Graphical logic designer for detection and action flows by intuitive drag and drop of service components.
  • Real time engine for running flows to detect and act on traffic and generate CDRs for further analysis.

Please read our press release about the Real time Antifraud Solution implementation