C/ C++ applications

End to end development of high performance cross platform C/ C++ applications

  • 75+ engineers with C/C++ experience
  • 55+ number of C/C++ projects delivered
  • C/C++ experience across different sectors
  • Experience in developing cross platform applications from GUIs to mobile and web enterprise applications
  • Experience in embedded systems

C/C++ services we offer:

Web Applications Development

Mobile applications

Embedded software

Big data and BI

JAVA web services

Euro IT Group teams have a proven track record in delivering dozens of complex JAVA based projects and enterprise applications.
For companies that can’t afford to compromise on quality. Fast, secure and reliable.

  • 110+ trained JAVA developers, senior architects and analysts
  • 80+ JAVA web services delivered across different industries
  • Innovative startups and large enterprise customers
  • Experienced in all major JAVA frameworks

Java web services we offer:

Enterprise Web Applications

Mobile applications



Startup 365


BI and Big Data

Mobile applications

We help you mobilize your enterprise. From strategy and concept to modern design and fast development.

  • 70+ engineers with mobile technology knowledge
  • 100+ mobile applications developed
  • Deep understanding of business concepts
  • Extensive testing experience on mobile platforms
  • Broad experience in telecom technologies

Mobile services we offer:






Payment systems

Personal finance


.NET application

Powered by our teams’ broad experience in .NET technology, we are able to deliver fast the most advanced .NET business applications and features for large established organizations or startups

  • 85+ trained .NET developers
  • 45+ .NET projects delivered acros
  • .NET developments carried out over the past 12 years of experience by our teams
  • Deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies

.NET services we offer:

Enterprise Web Applications

Mobile applications




PHP applications

Euro IT Group PHP developers are ready to develop your feature-rich PHP applications.
High quality for complex enterprise projects. Fast delivery for startups.

  • 60+ trained PHP developers, senior architects and analysts
  • 40+ PHP based projects delivered across different industries
  • Experienced in all major PHP frameworks: Zend Framework, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yiiframework

PHP services we offer:

CMS development

Web portal development

Educational portals


Social networking application

Web services for mobile apps

Ruby on Rails

We accelerate time to market through Ruby on Rails web development and
we strengthen it by combining it with other technologies to deliver state of the art applications.

  • 20+ engineers with Ruby on Rails experience
  • 15+ number of Ruby on Rails projects delivered
  • Ruby on Rails experience across different sectors
  • We know how to use Ruby right and how to empower Ruby by combining it with different technologies

Ruby on Rails services we offer:



Web portals

Social networks


Back end of Mobile Applications

Workflow management systems