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Euro IT Group is a trusted development partner for startups in various domains such as IT, fintech, blockchain, media and marketing or healthcare.

We take full responsibility for the product development lifecycle for new products, providing the complete set of IT services, from strategic technology consulting and planning to product conceptualization, prototyping, MVPs, product engineering, evaluation to complete marketing and technical support teams.

To build smart and fast, we use high productivity environments and leverage several open source components to build new products more effectively.


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Startup strategic technology

We can be your virtual CTO, helping you choose the most appropriate technologies, plan MVPs and product development and suggest the most appropriate development strategy. Furthermore, we can support you while presenting your vision to investors, in case you may need to present your technical plan and vision. If you already have a technical lead, we can support their vision, striving to add value proactively based on our previous experience.

While developing MVPs we focus on speeding up development of a prototype by developing the minimal set of features that enable gathering customer feedback and then include new product iterations on the go, adjusting and customizing them according to market needs.


Looking to build an MVP for your idea
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Product engineering/PoC Development

Euro IT Group can either augment your existing engineering team with expert teams or take full responsibility for the product development lifecycle, from initial requirements analysis, technical specifications, project management and staffing plans,  prototyping, mockups, MVPs, product demos, UX design, product engineering, documentation, testing, release management, product deployment and ongoing support.

If you need to turbo boost your product development and you are lacking some specific skills, you can set up a remote office within EITG; in this case you would select each member of the team who would be dedicated to your project. This would enable you to focus on your business vision and business development whilst we take responsibility for providing the right team for your needs.

Dedicated teams

We can allocate fast PMs, designers and UX, skilled engineers

Post launch development

In order for MVPs to evolve in mature and successful products feature change requests usually follow after the first prototypes are developed, based on customers feedback and other features included in the product roadmap. Our engineers will help you grow and improve you application after launch, or integrate it with other systems if needed.

Our in-house system administration team will monitor, support and maintain your application so that it can handle the increase in traffic and users.

Support & Maintentenance

Let’s create an awesome product together!


Prototyping Fast an Award Winning Medical Assessment System


♦ Award winning healthcare solution
♦ Medical knowledge database
♦ Interchangeable scoring algorithms



♦ Java Spring Framework
♦ AJAX Framework
♦ Google Web Toolkit adapted for complex browser based application


A Western European company wanted to develop a prototype and then a final medical product, more specifically an application that would be used by medical personnel to search and fill in data about patients, aiming to become a centralized, robust database of all national medical records. The customer’s first target was to have a trial system available as soon as possible.

EURO IT GROUP contribution:

Our team developed the pilot project in less than 3 months; we had full project responsibility, from defining the requirements onsite and offsite to suggesting the technical solution, collecting feedback onsite from users and doctors, developing the final product, deployment, testing, maintenance and support.(workstations, laptops/desktops or servers).