To have an omnichannel customer engagement you need to create a seamless shopping experience for your customers even when they switch between devices and browsers, bringing together all customers’ touch points and enabling a consistent shopping experience across all channels, including branding, promotions, pricing, or customer service.

omni-channel-retailSupported by an omnichannel approach, a customer can use his phone into a store, scan a QR code or a barcode, make price comparisons in real time or check availability in other stores nearby.

According to Google, 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another

By enabling an omnichannel customer experience, marketing departments will have access to valuable customer information, enabling them to launch highly effective marketing programs and to optimize them for best results. They can easily differentiate between existing users and new prospects, understand shopping behaviors better and act accordingly. Thus, they will be able to deliver personalized, relevant and microtargeted ads to users across devices, improving customer loyalty, the brand perception, customer service and the supply chain efficiency whilst optimizing all upsell opportunities and the conversion rate.

Where to start from whilst implementing an omnichannel strategy?

  • Analyze the status quo in terms of website responsiveness and sources of traffic coming to your website (desktop, smartphones or tablets), including conversion rates and bounce rate for each
  • if you are a large e-Commerce organization you should consider having a Head of Omnichannel
  • Mobilize your ecommerce platform, including tools for mobile engagement: analytics, mobile checkout, mobile apps and location based marketing
  • Use relevant social media channels to engage with your customers (which channels your customers use?): ask opinions and feedback, voting favorite products, videos, coupons, sharing articles, quotes, images etc
  • Make shopping fun. Send offers by email, have reward/point programs in place, use interactive video & games, launch a blog, offer free samples
  • Provide exquisite customer service – tools for increasing customer satisfaction (live chat, creative shipping, intelligent product recommendations, etc)
  • Always follow up and engage post purchase (customer reviews and feedback, rewards, newsletters, private special offers, easy returns)
  • Measure everything and adjust results
  • Use long-term cookies for each device a customer uses to login to your site to achieve this; by using the cookie, the customer can add products to the same shopping cart from multiple devices and locations, while only having to login once
  • Use email reminders to prompt customers to login to save their shopping carts
  • Send discount offers and product updates for items they’ve already added to their carts