As most employees and customers interact via mobile devices nowadays, mobile strategies become priorities for insurers as a primary means of accessing and providing information and interact with customers and employees.

Not to forget that customers want the same experience from insurers as they have with retailers, bankers or travelling agencies.

Mobile creates great opportunities in terms of new customer acquisition, retention & upsell, agents loyalty or customer support costs.

According to a research from EY, there are three key reasons that insurers are turning towards mobile techology:

  • To offer and test services through the mobile channel
  • To broaden their customer base with clients who demand self-service options
  • To boost satisfaction among agents and policyholders with modern customer service tools

Most insurers already offer a variety of mobile tools and applications for agents, brokers, or consumers but mobile channel adoption can still be improved.

Insurers were not used to interact with their customers on an ongoing basis, but mostly on the moment of policy sales. They need to completely change the organisational mindset and implement tactics that will lead customer interaction and communication to new levels. As part of this strategy, insurers need to study and understand how their customers and target audience are using nowadays online channels and mobile devices, what type of applications they like and what keeps them engaged to better determine how to attract customers to use their mobile offerings.

Some of the insurance mobile applications we have seen in the market:

  • duplication of websites
  • file claims via mobile phones directly from the scene of the accident
  • apps that move beyond claims, quotes and purchases to more complex ways of helping the customer
  • apps that provide valuable information and niche networking opportunities to customers

There are some pretty cool insurance apps available and disruptive insurance startups that understand how mobile could be used right. But still, there still is a lot of room for more user-centric and creative applications.

USAA Customer service app Gives customers immediate and secure account access from mobile device. It manages customer finances, investments, insurance and much more
DKV German Health insurer Allows customers to submit their invoices by simply scanning the square QR code printed on the document into their device. Tens of thousands of doctors and dentists who invoice through private clearing centres are taking part in the process. New developments are planned for future updates: messages about health, mood, weather, etc that can be shared with contacts or via social networks. The app also allows customers to find all the doctors and medical centres in the DKV Health Network, see DKV Healthcare Centres and branches, check their policy details and enjoy special promotions.
Liberty Mutual Home Gallery app Helps customers create a home inventory and catalog their belongings quickly and easily – photos, prices, notes, etc. to make filing a claim much easier, ensuring that all belongings are insured for the appropriate amount.
Geico Virtual assistant  Award winning app that uses Siri-like voice recognition to answer customer questions and walk them through common policy questions and actions.
State Farm MoveToolsTM Helps customers that move; they can virtually pack every room in their house, stay organized, and create packing labels that display the contents of boxes without opening them.
Allstate GoodRide Helps motorcycle riders keep track of all their repairs, track their miles and share routes with friends. It is also available to riders that are not Allstate customers.
Aviva Drive Monitors car drivers skills, using GPS and identifies safe drivers. They usually receive discounts.
Esurance Video appraisal  Enables customers to use their smartphones to video chat with an appraiser who can video the damage on the car, saving sometimes the appraiser’s time for in person visits; they claim to have an “on the spot” payment option.
Humana Health Insurance Humana Fit Provides a fun tool to encourage healthy behaviours like working out, eating well, health assessments, vitality points and so on.


  • Segment your audience based on your predefined buyer personas, your customers’ previous purchasing patterns and their online behaviour
  • Focus on having a consistent user experience across all channels, being them physical, desktop, mobile or tablet, including here design, messaging and promotion
  • Analyze the traffic coming to your website from desktop, smartphones or tablets, including conversion rates and bounce rates for each
  • Adopt a responsive website template:
    • Mobile optimization
    • Optimize navigation for mobile with simple functionality and appealing CTAs
    • Optimize checkout control
    • Focus on search as one of the most important tools
  • Get help form an expert UX designer
  • Reduce the number of clicks needed for each interaction
  • Apply best practices for mobile email marketing, including mobile friendly email templates
  • Research what others are doing in your industry and also in other industries and experiment
  • Ask yourself how can you bring extra value to your customers and potential customers
  • Be creative and funny

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