A leading financial institution from Eastern Europe wanted to launch an eco-friendly car service for its digitalized customers, as part of their strategy to launch innovative marketing programs. The service would allow users to easily find the closest car, reserve, drive and then pay per usage – all done through a user friendly mobile app.

The solution

The customer is now using Euro IT Group solution on a service as a platform model; all cars are branded with the financial institution image and all their customers have special benefits and discounts for using the service.

In spite of facing several challenges, especially around integrating a rather complex and asynchronous system interfacing with the vehicles into the whole system, our team developed a user friendly solution for a seamless customer experience, successfully integrating the following systems:

  • The control system installed on the car to manage the locking system – since drivers don’t hold car keys, all car parameters such as location, battery level, status had to be automatically reported and monitored
  • The iOS and Android mobile application – currently used by subscribers to find cars, go through the check-in process, reserve a car, provide feedback and bill presentment
  • The intuitive admin interface for car fleet management, users and drives management, billing plans, and reporting
  • The backend with the logic interfacing between all the endpoints towards humans or vehicles
  • Data analytics – currently helping to place cars where they are mostly needed.

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  • NodeJS – we chose NodeJS due to its maturity and also because we hoped that one day we could have programmers switching between backend and frontend development without changing the programming language.
  • Parse framework embedding MongoDB and Redis queue
  • React for the app and Web
  • We integrated with various web services to satisfy specific needs such as emailing for forgotten password, or card card processing
  • Everything is deployed in the cloud and it is “dockerised” for smooth deployment of new versions.

Results and benefits

The solution is now live, users are already enjoying it and new features are currently under development; the flexible architecture enable us to add new features easily and fast, in an agile process.

The benefits expand towards all stakeholders: a crowded city now has more electrical cars used on the basis of shared economy principles, the citizens now have access to a smooth, comfortable, always ready, “clean” transportation alternative, enterprises can use such service for their agents thus optimizing costs, and the end customer now has an beneficial ongoing marketing program to leverage.

The project had all the ingredients for a great success, respecting Euro IT Group’s core values: it was built with passion for ecology & sustainability, generating end-user and business benefits while using best quality software and cutting edge technology.