IoT Solutions

Always getting smarter on hardware and software innovation.

Always striving to generate more value from the Internet of Things for our customers and partners, empowering them to unlock the power of connected devices.

We offer innovative engineering solutions and full stack development services for the connected world, covering the full spectrum – device prototyping, hardware, cloud connectivity, robust back-ends, user friendly frontends, analytics, security, sensors, online service integration, web and mobile apps or extensions into IoT or IoT Platform as a Service.



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IoT solutions providers:

To develop smart IoT applications across industries

System Integrators:

To implement, customize and integrate the various IoT ecosystems

IoT platform providers:

To increase performance, interoperability and security of existing IoT platforms

Businesses and public institutions deploying IoT:

To help them benefit of the connected world by efficient and easy to use software applications



Design complex applications that help you make energy use more efficient (through smart energy grids) or applications that empower you to control the energy use in buildings, cut costs and create more productive, connected buildings – or even Zero Net Buildings (ZNE) that only consume the amount of energy generated by the building. It is a complex project combining IoT, AI, solar, batteries and LED light systems

Logistics/Fleet Management

Logistics is one of the first beneficiaries of the IoT opportunities. Some of the benefits worth mentioning: it enables reliable cargo tracking, significantly reducing cargo loss risks or damage. Furthermore, it improves supply management – companies can schedule, dispatch and deliver cargo very fast and connect it to end customer devices. Also, companies can reduce shipping costs through automation of the shipping process. Real time information and optimization of fleet performance.

Smart home

Develop modern enterprise or consumer IoT masterpieces and manage, collect, analyze and act on every aspect of communication between connected devices.

Smart cities

Visionary cities already prepare for a future where all infrastructure is connected through IoT and AI technologies, solving traffic, housing and environmental problems or facility inefficiencies, with the sole purpose of improving inhabitants’ quality of life. We can help by providing smart and innovative software solutions customized for your city.


IoT-enabled vehicles utilize complex devices and sensors, all seamlessly integrated to create value add for drivers, including improved safety and security, personalized user experience, and an entirely new way to view the concept of owning/sharing a car.


Monitor the crops with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc.) and automating the irrigation system. IoT-based smart farming has already proven to be highly efficient when compared with the conventional approach.

We have delivered over 20 IoT projects, covering 500.000+ devices with applications in smart cities, oil and gas, agriculture, consumer electronics, industrial equipment or car sharing.


Car sharing service

We developed for one of our banking customers an eco-car sharing service similar to the better known zipcar, car2go. We installed a device on each car to control the locking and ignition systems remotely. Users are accessing a mobile app to locate and reserve vehicles. The fleet and general business management is done through a user friendly web interface.
Technologies: Convadis, Node JS , Parse, React Native.

Field Monitoring in Agriculture

We built a solution that collects filed data and displays it in a dashboard in near real time by using Libelium sensors and Cisco IoT deployed in field.
Technologies: Python, ThingPark APIs, MySQL, Tableau Software

Accident Avoidance Solution for Fleet Management - Active Sideguard

Leveraging our expertise in automotive safety software and embedded software development, we developed from scratch (from prototype phase) an innovative accident avoidance solution for heavy trucks – by using electrostatic sensors technology the solution significantly reduce blind spot accidents. With robustness in regard to mechanical damage, and immunity to atmospheric disturbances, the devices are now available on the market as a cost effective stand-alone solution for blind spot accident avoidance
Technologies: Microchip PIC18 based sensor, PIC24F based dashboard controller, Windows control application.

Irrigation Control Solution – Forecast sprinkler

We developed a solution that dramatically reduces water waste by using weather forecast and real time temperature, wind and rainfall data. The solution consists of a mobile application, cloud connectivity to IoT products, two brand new next generation devices, as well as a completely refreshed firmware for their first generation of the forecast sprinklers. It is currently deployed on 20.000+ devices and it became #1 Best Seller on Amazon in its category and mentioned in various magazines on lists of most useful smart home devices.
Technologies: we contributed to every layer in the stack: Android and Linux Kernel driver development, hardware consulting, device firmware (C++ and Python applications), server (Node.js on Amazon Cloud), applications (iOS, Android and Web – Sencha Touch).

NB-IoT Remote Power Monitoring in Electricity

The rich device management and analytics platform enables electricity companies to gain control over electricity fluctuations, power surges and spikes, monitor them as they happen and fix the problem in the shortest time with a scalable and modular IoT remote monitoring solution. It also allows continuous monitoring of voltage parameters, independent of existing power network and detection of voltage and current spikes with user defined threshold limits, line fluctuations and blackout events. Data is collected from remote analog and digital sensors which benefit of NB-IoT extending the wireless coverage.