Intranet and extranet portals

We enable you to explore the potential of new technologies and interactive concepts in knowledge sharing through intranets and extranets portals

Enterprise Intranets/Extranets are used differently by different organizations. Some organizations use it simply as a top-down information distribution channel while others try to leverage such powerful tool for sharing information and knowledge with all business stakeholders, thus empowering them to make informed decisions based on accurate data, spend less time on operational tasks, learn more faster and increase productivity. While the intranet part is available to internal stakeholders the extranet part is for partners or other members, accessing the site from outside the organization.


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Euro IT Group is experienced in developing from simple to very complex intranet and extranet solutions that are part of the corporate communication strategy and are integrated with other relevant enterprise systems, applications and processes. We help organizations increase productivity and efficiency by tailoring secure, mobile responsive, centralized intranet/extranet solutions that include comprehensive flows of information while using established frameworks such as Zend or Symphony to enable us to build new features fast. Our approach to intranet/extranet portal development ensures the most effective use of organizational resources.

  • Content

    Procedures, News, Documents, Reports/dashboards, Video, Bookmarks, Online training, Staff profiles, Blogs, forums, wikis, Lists (customers, products, services), ‘Likes’ & tagging

  • Document management

    version control, collaborative authoring, collecting feedback, reviews, approvals,   archiving/content repository

  • Collaboration spaces

    project workspaces, team workspace, Document workspace, calendars, project/tasks management interfaces

  • Discussion forums

    questions and answers, online communities, subscriptions, mailing & messaging

  • Online processes

    Online forms, Workflow automation, Approvals

  • Advanced communication tools

    Video conferencing, Messaging, activity feeds

  • Portal to enterprise data and apps

    integration with existing ERP, CRM systems, BI modules, Dashboards and scorecards, Data import/export and capturing tools

  • Sharepoint

    Project management, Team website, Manage contacts and your calendar, Business information search engine – organize documents and easily find documents, Intra/extra/internet, Documents management


We support our customers with the following services:

  • Intranet/Extranet strategy
  • Design, Development and Implementation
  • Information architecture
  • Integration with third-party tools and systems
  • SharePoint
  • Social tools/multichannel publishing
  • Task-management tools
  • Usability and user experience
software solutions


Trends in intranet/extranet development we recommend our customers to follow:

  • Social intranets that allow users to communicate easier
  • Integration with various systems, applications and processes
  • Responsive, mobile design
  • Advanced search filters and categories
  • Use hover effects
  • Company performance on homepage
  • Flat and simple design
  • Friendly user interface
  • Use video in a clever way
  • Add fun and gamification



♦ Debugging Tools, SDK
♦ Testing



♦ C++,Python, Java
♦ JavaScript


The main purpose of this project was testing and validating the enabling of the Android OS on x86 hardware platform. The given task for our team was to test Android OS on Intel x86 Hardware Platform.

EURO IT GROUP contribution:

Our emulator team carried out testing on several operating systems, ranging from Windows and Mac to Linux distributions like Ubuntu, hardware knowledge being required, the engineers having to often flash BIOS on the chip with special tools, assembling machines (workstations, laptops/desktops or servers).