♦ Magento implementation in banking
♦ Real-time querying and filtering
♦ Large volume of transactions


The customer, a large global financial institution required a new eCommerce solutions to serve their loyalty program and additional support for custom software development, security, data collection, organisation, processing and analysis.


♦ Magento
♦ Elastic Search
♦ Varnish
♦ Redis
♦ Zend
♦ Rehat
♦ Varnish

EURO IT GROUP solution:

Our team built a solution from scratch, helping the bank turn its ambitious ideas into a highly scalable Card-Linked Loyalty solution and a secure Mobile Payment platform. From a technological perspective, the highly available filtering engine based on ElasticSearch became an important tool within the bank’s ecosystem, a tool that’s being adopted in other internal solutions and departments. The solution now delivers real time querying and filtering for 1 million clients and 100+ million transactions.