The e-Commerce market is growing rapidly worldwide, with Retailers moving online and e-Commerce players beginning to see the benefits of physical stores.

e-Commerce sales worldwide will reach $1.7 trillion by the end of 2015, from $1.471 trillion in 2014 (20% increase in comparison to 2013).

The growth rate is higher for B2B e-Commerce (34%) and now represents twice the size of B2C Worldwide  e-Commerce market (B2C 13%).

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70%+ of Western Europe will become digital buyers in the next 4 years

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e-Commerce Market in Europe

The European e-Commerce market was over 250+ billion EUR in 2014 and is projected to rise to approximately €356 billion by 2017. Out of the 800+ million population, 330+ million are e-shoppers, in an ecosystem with over 715+ thousands online businesses and 4.0+ billion parcels sent.


Western Europe e-Commerce Sales – Top Revenue Countries

UK is leading the European e-Commerce market, having 30% of the European B2C e-Commerce market, with 208+ million EUR sales in 2014, followed by Germany (16,8% share) and France (13,4%). UK also leads in terms of e-Commerce vs total retail sales ratio, at 13.5%. Although the market is currently led by Western European countries, there are several Central and Eastern European countries that are increasing their e-commerce adoption rates rapidly such as Russia, Hungary, Poland or Ukraine, all having significant year on year e-Commerce growth.

e-Commerce going international

By 2020 it is expected the cross border e-commerce market will be worth 100 billion EUR

The global cross border B2C e-commerce is led by US, UK, Germany, Nordic Nations, Netherlands and France.

Europe is struggling to make international commerce as easy as possible, so to achieve this the European Union is trying to create a common framework, a single online retail infrastructure and common regulation in all EU countries.

In Western Europe the cross-border sales out of all retail e-Commerce sales was 18% in 2014.

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