Software development services and technology consultancy for digital and full service marketing agencies

We help marketing agencies sell faster, more effective and complex marketing programs.
White labeled technology services for marketing agencies

All companies go through a rapid digital transformation process; Digital and media agencies need to do the same, but faster then others since they need to proactively help their enterprise customers serve the 21st century customers; agency customers are increasingly demanding.

Agencies also face competition from large IT vendors that are creating their own digital transformation divisions. Therefore, some agencies make a strategic shift and expand into full service agencies, offering a complex combination of traditional and modern marketing tactics; they combine digital marketing techniques with traditional ones, predictive analytics, too many marketing technologies, web and mobile apps, wearables, AR, VR, machine learning and so many sophisticated tools, API integration and more.

We are a data-driven technology company. We help digital and marketing agencies sell faster, more complex & effective marketing programs based on cutting edge technologies and predictive analytics. We help you automate where it make sense, optimize workflows,  adopt new technologies or simply augment your teams with technology experts when you need them.


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Why choose us as your tech special forces A team?

  • We can help you make realistic price estimates in large/complex bids and support your pre-sales process
  • We are equipped to help you deliver projects on time and on budgets when multiple projects happen in the same time
  • We let you focus on creativity and the “wow’ factor while we handle the engineering behind it
  • Together we can turn brilliant ideas into successful marketing programs crafted for the 21st century customer
  • We understand how digital transformation works in various industries
  • We have in depth knowledge of traditional back end/front end technologies & fast development frameworks, CMS and e-Commerce platforms and we are also passionate about latest trends like AI, VR, machine learning, IoT, predictive analytics, cloud migration and much more
  • We can help you keep, migrate and manage all customer data, with focus on customer data security
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Our service offering for digital and marketing agencies include traditional technology services and also transformative, future-proof technologies.

Data-driven| Omnichannel customer experience | Machine learning | Future proof marketing technologies | Rapid innovation


  • Custom web and mobile apps

  • CMS & e-commerce expertise: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Weeblie, Sitecore, Umbraco

  • Email marketing tools: Mailchimp, Woodpecker, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, AWeber

  • CRM Software: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot CRM, Sugar CRM

  • Predictive analytics and BI: Google Analytics, Tableau, QLickview, Kissmetrics


  • Machine learning & AI

    mostly used to learn from data and create accurate predictions; we can help you analyze content, keywords and phrases most relevant to specific buyer personas, target them, predict customer behaviour and learn what’s most effective

  • Big data

    we can help you implement marketing programs based on more targeted advertising, semantic search, relevant content & machine powered analytics; you can help your customers optimize pricing, improve budget allocation and personalize in a state of art the end customer experience, understanding even customers’ emotions

  • Mobile apps for geolocation

    we can help you increase the effectiveness of your marketing programs based with location targeting

  • Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality apps

    we can help you increase click through rates and interaction rates with  the use of modern

  • Bots, chatbots and messaging

    we can help you implement effective conversational marketing programs that drive business, lower costs and improve customer satisfaction

  • Cloud computing and DevOps

    we can help you implement complex marketing programs on a robust and secure, cloud-based infrastructure (AWS or Azure based) with no dependency to the end-customer’s existing IT infrastructure/internal IT department.

Let’s prepare together for tomorrow’s customers’ needs