Euro IT Group is an international technology provider and a reliable business partner with delivery centers in selected Central and Eastern European locations. We deliver state of the art solutions and value oriented services to companies that can’t afford to compromise on quality. We are committed to add extra value to our customers based on our emphasis on performance, our strategic partnerships and continuous organisational and processes optimisation. We focus on accelerating software development through a blend of first-rate people and technologies, acknowledged processes and methodologies and forward-thinking employee development programs, all combined to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers and to create value for the society. Our group companies have delivered 1000+ projects worldwide to customers of various sizes from a range of industry sectors.



Euro IT Group is a leading software outsourcing company. We deliver nearshore solutions from our London base and our Central and Eastern Europe technology centres to customers who cannot compromise on quality, professionalism and service. Performance, design and user experience are the foundations of all our software.


Great software comes from great partnerships, first-class people and the latest appropriate technologies. At Euro IT Group we believe in long term strategic relationships with our customers and partners.

Core values:

  • Best team
    We focus on bringing together passionate engineers with common goals and aspirations
  • Honesty and Integrity
    We do business with integrity, aiming to grow together with our customers, partners and shareholders based on good ethics, trust and elite expertise.
  • Excellence
    Our ambition is to achieve Excellence through Experience, Learning and Agility and exceed each customer’s expectations; we always deliver what we promise and we don’t commit to projects until we are sure we can deliver according to agreements
  • Customer value
    We are aware that technology partnerships go beyond delivering pure software; we try to understand customer needs and goals and add extra value to the process


Euro IT Group aims to gather a pool of talents in computer engineering and help companies move away from far shore outsourcing for quick life-cycle and agile development. Guaranteeing a professional approach and quality standards, the new west European brand is embodying these values.
Euro IT Group is your trusted partner you can rely on for IT professional services, outsourcing and integration. You’ll always enjoy our personalised flexible service from convenient nearshore locations.


CEO & Founder


Drawing on an international career of over 30 years and a quarter century as an inspiring business leader and international technology entrepreneur, Ian founded EuroIT Group in 2014 being convinced that ambitious growth companies can apply the same professional corporate governance standards on their board and in their organisation as listed FTSE100 companies while maintaining total customer focus and business agility.


Partner, Member of the Board, VP of Business Development


With a track record of more than 20 years experience in business development, Sergiu assists Softelligence’s management with his expertise in business growth, in the areas of corporate governance, organizational development and special business development projects.




Bogdan has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He held various strategic roles with a global reach, both on software delivery and on business development departments. Bogdan started his career as software developer and system architect, moved to project management and later to a CTO position where he managed an international delivery department and handled large deployments and complex system integration projects, working with multiple technology partners and distributed teams.


Marketing Director


Ioana has over 10 years of experience in international B2B marketing, business development & account management in ITC and banking. Specialties: marketing audit and strategy, go to market, branding and identity, communication strategy, digital marketing, inbound/content strategy, marketing technologies (CRM, marketing automation, analytics) cross-channel lead generation programs, event management, employer branding.


English proficiency engineers
Different language skills set
Confidentiality guaranteed
Different delivery centers in Eastern Europe

Refreshing approach to IT service delivery

We are wholly geared to delivering the very best solutions to our client’s business needs. We recognise that each need, and therefore each solution, is different but that our clients want quick, cost effective, high quality results. We deliver against all those criteria by combining core, repeatable, engagement model components to deliver robust, innovative, solutions for our clients. Our engagement model is based on in depth experience of the IT services industry and a recognition that clients now demand a better, more refreshing, way of working with and delivering to them.

Optimum cost with no compromise on delivery quality

Euro IT Group’s unique organisation structure means we can offer market leading commercial models whilst continuing to deliver the very highest quality levels of service, emphasised by our Quality Accreditations. We believe that, as a trusted Partner to our clients, we have a responsibility to manage costs and continuously improve, without being prompted to do so. We understand our clients’ businesses and their market pressures, so we commit to work alongside them and share both the risk and reward of doing so.

Nearshore delivery for optimum engagement

Our delivery is based from Nearshore centres in Central and Eastern Europe, because that is where we find the best combination of technical, business and communication skills anywhere in the world. Our Nearshore model gives our clients access to world class people, just three hours flight time away and two hours’ time difference, from UK. Coupled with our commitment to low cost/high quality, this gives our clients the very best option for IT service delivery.

World class people

Ultimately, Euro IT Group’s ongoing success is down to the calibre and quality of our people. For this reason, we can confidently say Euro IT Group is the right partner as your IT services provider, as our people are world class, in their technology skills, their business skills and their client interaction.

Wide ranging technology skills

Our unique organisation structure means we have access to a huge range of technology skills, all of which are current and accessible. This gives us the confidence to engage on any IT application related requirement, from a technology agnostic perspective, meaning our clients get the right solution for their business, every time.


Our ambition is to deliver best results without compromising the quality of your work by aligning to each customer’s unique project requirements; we offer flexibility in selecting the engagement model, or in combining them for various phases of the project cycle as it better suite your strategic goals and business needs. We can either give you full control over your projects or have end to end responsibility for the project lifecycle.

ecommerce, website development

Euro IT Group combines each component of its engagement model, above, to deliver truly innovative business solutions for our clients. Each solution will have a different, unique, “path” through our component levels, reflecting each clients’ bespoke needs and outcomes.  It’s this ability to shape solutions, based on adapting all the various engagement methods available to us that makes Euro IT Group truly unique in the IT services market.

The key benefits of our engagement model are:

Flexible, Nearshore centric delivery

Our model revolves around world class technical people in Central and Eastern Europe. Our default is to deliver from our Nearshore Delivery centres, simply because our language skills, project methodology and communication processes enable us to work as though we are in the same room as our clients. This also ensures we deliver the most cost effective solution, as Euro IT Groups’ unique structure is geared to keeping costs down throughout our organization, without compromising on delivery quality. 100% nearshore delivery is the optimum method for this.

Our experience tells us that there are times, however, where a 100% nearshore delivery is not the right solution, so we are able to mobilise individuals and teams to work, co-located, with client teams. Ultimately, our inherent flexibility and commitment to delivering the right solution to our clients, means we can structure our teams accordingly.

Technology skills

Our talent pool in Central and Eastern Europe gives us access to an incredibly broad range of IT application technologies, meaning we are able to engage any client on any IT application related topic, fully confident that the skills exist within our Nearshore delivery centres to deliver the required solutions.

It’s this confidence that allows us to have a technology agnostic discussion when we’re understanding our client’s problems and shaping the optimum solution. Too often, solutions are technology driven, not driven by what the business actually needs. Euro IT Group’s refreshing approach to delivering the right business solution will ensure you maximize all technology investments and make the right technology decisions for the future.

Industry expertise

IT application services are, of course, industry agnostic, in that lines of Java or .Net code are equally applicable to any industry, Euro IT Group recognise the benefit of understanding our client’s business as well as the underlying technologies. The Industry Expertise component is therefore hugely significant in delivering the right business solution and in differentiating Euro IT Group in the market. When you visit our Central and Eastern Europe Nearshore delivery centres you will meet world class technicians, who will also specialist in your Industry sector. They will speak your business language and understand your business processes, whether you’re in Banking, Retail, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecoms, Travel, Media, eCommerce or, indeed, if you’re in the ITC industry.


Underpinning all our component parts are our people. Our ongoing success is wholly down to the quality and calibre of our people, which is why we can confidently state our credentials as a world class IT services provider. Our people are exceptional, with a refreshing approach to IT service delivery, which is based on listening to your needs and working with you to deliver the right solution.

We encourage our clients to visit our Nearshore delivery centres in Central and Eastern Europe at the earliest opportunity. Taking a day or two out of your schedule will expose you to our Group’s culture and you’ll experience a refreshing new way to work with an IT services provider.


1. Come and visit our Nearshore delivery centres in Central and Eastern Europe

2. Share with us your project requirements and your business ideas

3. Workshop your needs with our business and technical consultants

4. Choose the optimum path through our Engagement Model components

5. Agree what success looks like and Let’s get to work!


We tailor our service delivery model to deliver best-fit, optimized outcomes for your business, yielding maximum benefits for your organization over the long term.

Nearshore model

All project lifecycle, from initial analysis, to delivery and support stage is delivered from our premises. We use collaboration tools and we adapt the communication process so that you, our customer are fully aware of the project stages and advancement.

Onsite model

The project is delivered from customers’ premises. We can deliver resources with specific programming skills on demand out of our 500+ resource pool directly to your premises. Furthermore, our excellent recruitment process gives us access to highly skilled resources very fast as we already have in our database tens of thousands of IT specialists.

Combined onsite/offsite model

We can combine the two delivery models for your projects, the team onsite addressing the critical items and all integration issues that need immediate attention while Euro IT Group dedicated near shore team will work on your projects from our premises. This model is recommended for mid to large projects which require changes in the initial scope of project and need immediate attention.

Customer own methodology

We are always open to adapt to your specific working standards and methodologies.


EURO IT Group teams are committed to respect industry best practices with regard to Systems (Software) Development while being compliant to regulatory and /or local guidelines.

We work closely with each customer from the very beginning, analyzing technology needs, recommending the right approach, their technology roadmap and processes, or adapting to their chosen methodology.

We have a simple yet thorough approach to software development as we combine benefits of several standard development process models.

Our teams are experienced in working with various development methodologies such as Agile Development, Waterfall, Prototyping & Scrum and with proven software development frameworks such as RUP (Rational Unified Process), AUP (Agile Unified Process), DBU (Design by Use), DSDM (Dynamic System Development Method), CDM (Constructionist Design Methodology), iterative and incremental development, XP (extreme programming), spiral model, focusing on delivering fast reliable, user-driven solutions with a minimum of risk by using the right blend of planning, monitoring and controlling tools. This enables us to deliver projects on time and on budget, without compromises on quality.

For a standard project we use the phases/sub-phases ad tasks from CDM, keeping our approach flexible enough to be able to reduce time to market of new products and limit bureaucracy:

1. Project start

We create the working framework for the future project, making sure that the project will be controllable and will have the highest quality standards.

2. Analysis and design

We identify, refine and prioritize the business requirements, we create the functional specifications and the design process and prepare the detailed work plan, the time frames and estimated costs. Also in this phase we create the core project team and test the design by using modeling and prototyping techniques.

3. Coding/product development

We develop the final application through a number of steps, mostly iterative and we perform code reviews to assure high quality coding standards. Here we also create technical design documents (TDD), project plans and test plans and we prepare prototypes for PoC, allowing you to review the look and feel of the future product from early development stages.

4. Documentation

We are aware of the importance of high quality product documentation therefore we create professional user, technical and training documentation for the project. Documentation packages can include quality assurance documentation, specifications and technical design documentation, user guides, installation instructions, documented source, maintenance instructions.


In most cases we need to migrate legacy data to a new system. We start by choosing the data that needs to be converted, we add extra coding if needed, clean and validate old data to/for the new system structures and rules, we run the programs/scripts and verify the data to confirm that the conversion completed successfully.

6. Testing

We have an integrated approach to testing, Our testing process address both functional and non-functional testing (such as performance-testing and stress-testing). We test each solution and component in near real environments, focusing on identifying and fixing any bug that could challenge the successful launch of the new application/solution.

7. Training

During large projects with a high degree of complexity, we finalize the project with a knowledge transfer phase achieved through structured  training.

8. Go live

The system goes live based on our Installation Plan, after preparing the Production Environment, performing the cutover, and decommissioning legacy systems if required. We run all these phases with  an iterative approach and, as such we may have analysis iterations, analysis and design iterations, analysis and design and coding, coding and testing etc, mostly using SCRUM as the execution model but being open to using other development methodologies, as required.


The confidentiality of your project is of utmost importance to us as one of the keys to creating a long term business relationship. We perfectly understand and respect the confidentiality issues of your intellectual property. We, Euro IT Group take a proactive approach in preventing IP theft and fraud to protect your organization and your products, from physical security through to data security, assuring a secure development environment.

Data confidentiality

Some of the steps we take to assure data confidentiality:

  • We sign NDAs with our customers and employees
  • Background screening for our key employees to see if there are any discrepancies in resume, experience, education, references and interviews
  • Each employee is trained on IP rights and the actions that are harmful for software security
  • We use secure computer networks and monitor internet usage
  • We have internal procedures that forbid disclosure of proprietary information outside the project team or outside the company or use, copy, publish, summarize such proprietary information; if needed we arrange independent spaces for each project team


Security is crucial in today’s business ecosystem, especially for companies from the financial, healthcare or telecom sectors where accuracy, precision, privacy and security are top priorities. We have a proven reputation in protecting our customers intellectual property rights and information security, which our long term clients can verify.

  • Anti-Virus Protection: daily-updated antivirus software on each server and workstation and email antivirus software on email software.
  • IP Segregation: Public IP addresses are only on Internet-enabled server.
  • Intruder Protocol: We use firewalls on internet channels
  • Infrastructure security policies: identification card access, firewalls, antivirus running on both servers and PCs, security patches regular updates, complex authentication process, automated computer lock