Euro IT Group Acknowledged as Approved Supplier for the Public Sector on the UK Digital Marketplace

Euro IT Group is delighted to announce that it has secured a place on the UK Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) Framework designed for the UK organisations to supply digital services to the UK public […]

Mobile Apps Development: Marketing Strategy and Development Model that work

Do you want to own a successful mobile app?

We sure built a few, ranging from utility apps for end users to high-end B2B apps.

After years of hands-on experience in the mobile apps world, there are […]

5 Ways Custom Software Solutions can improve your Insurance Business

Highly customized software is the key to online profits in the insurance business, where fast-paced software solutions that can almost read your customers’ mind is today’s expectation for car insurance, health or travel insurance customers.

Want […]

Sharepoint capabilities that generate business value in insurance

To improve performance, innovate fast and sell more at optimum costs, insurers need to ensure that all relevant internal and external stakeholders are empowered to collaborate and that they have access to all relevant information. […]

A technology-driven Insurance Industry [Facts, Trends, Case Studies]

The future of the insurance business lies in technology-driven processes restructuring.

IoT, cloud computing, digital integration and big data environments will bring even more opportunities for the insurance companies aiming to become leaders in their segment.

In […]

Does Bespoke Software make sense for your Business? (Here’s how you can find out)

Bespoke software solutions vs. Off-the-shelf solutions
Bespoke software solutions are recommended when you need a tailor-made product to cater to your unique business requirements or a complex set of functions and processes directly related to your […]

e-Commerce Marketing Tactics that Work

E-Commerce marketers should carefully craft strategies based on a combination of owned, paid and earned marketing tactics. They need to reach customers on their preferred communication channels, be mobile and responsive. They need to have […]

How Agile Software Development improves your business?

The only way to stay competitive in any business vertical is to quickly adapt to the changes from your environment.

Technology evolves at light speed, new technologies appear each year and also the business ecosystem changes […]

AWS vs Azure – High Level Comparison between the Giants of Cloud Computing

IDC predicts that cloud computing will be a $107 billion industry by 2017. Today 82% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy and, increasingly, enterprises plan to use a portfolio of clouds, with 82% reporting […]

Top 10 Pain Points when Developing Custom Software (and how to solve them)

CEOs, CIOs or Project Managers worldwide have to cope and solve various technology challenges to keep pace with the changing business ecosystem and customer expectations.

Out of them, there are significant pain points related to their […]