Industries we serve

Euro IT Group has delivered 1000+ projects to companies worldwide from different industries such as banking, distribution, healthcare, insurance, retail or telecom. We delivered teams of engineers to augment in house teams, we developed solutions from scratch, handle complex migration or customization projects. Each project is unique for each client, but is based on a core engagement model, which leverages specific industry experience.We delivered teams of engineers to augment in house teams, we developed solutions from scratch, handle complex migration or customization projects. By combining this focus on industry knowledge with our world class technical capabilities, we can confidently engage our clients to deliver the optimum solution to their business needs.



Today’s Banking sector depends on highly flexible and personalized software for its success and at Euro IT Group we understand the need to leverage the right technologies to drive this differentiation in the market. This means striving to develop solutions designed to work for you and to integrate with your customer centric approach. Euro IT Group have worked with a number of Banking customers to deliver bespoke solutions. Examples of engagements and further explanation of our capabilities below:

Web and mobile enterprise applications that integrate activities aimed at end customers such as online accounts and payments, eLoyalty or eMarketing systems integrated with banking management. From websites to online asset resale portals, customer self service, multi-channel communication, mobile sales force automation to m-commerce, we cover them all

CRM/SFA solutions – We deployed or built CRMs/SFA solutions that include robust marketing automation, helping you to identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. We are experienced in building CRM systems or in deploying leading CRM solutions such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce or Oracle CRM.

Collaboration solutions that provide high operational efficiency, increase referrals and expand relationships with your customers such as intranets, e-learning and knowledge base portals.

Big data and BI solutions – managers, employees, customers and partners operating in the banking sector have access to crucial business information. The potential within this data set is largely untapped and Euro IT Group take a pragmatic approach to unlocking this potential. Our solutions include historical analysis and forecasting of B2C/B2B customer behavior to drive the design  of profitable financial products and optimize operational processes within the bank.

Business Processes Management solutions through modernization and automation of core processes and systems such as account opening/cancellations, loan approvals and post approval activities, credit card applications and account maintenance, or services such as payments, claims management, product consultations.

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The reality of wholesale distribution businesses is characterized by growing costs and shrinking margins, higher competition and demanding customers. Your success as a wholesale distribution enterprise relies also on anticipation – having clear visibility into various processes – and business optimization – running operations efficiently, monitoring margins, building closer relationships with key suppliers & clients. Our domain experts are ready to provide support to your distribution company by delivering fast reliable enterprise applications and by re-engineering or optimizing your legacy software infrastructure.

Our experience and capabilities include:

Web and mobile enterprise applications that integrate customers activities such as online purchase and payment with internal distribution management systems interfaces and improve the efficiency of sales agents. We increase Sales Team productivity and end customer satisfaction through innovative design and implementation of websites, B2B e-commerce, self service portals, multichannel customer communication, mobile sales force automation and BI.

Business Process Management solutions for e-procurement, document management, budget and expense approval enabling your business to translate strategies into concrete plans, monitor execution and provide relevant insight to manage and improve financial and operational performance, while complying with applicable regulation .

Collaboration solutions such as intranets and e-learning platforms that synchronize supply and demand, support automatic sharing of information with key vendors to ensure the optimal inventory levels to drive sales, plus joint business plan creation and monitoring

CRM/SFA solutions We are experienced in development, deployment and customisation of CRM solutions for the distribution industry, either building bespoke solutions or deploying leading CRM solutions such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce or Oracle CRM

Big data and BI solutions for data warehouse, BI portals or Sales forecasting analysis, all give distributors the big picture of their performance. Euro IT Group’s pragmatic approach to big data will bring tangible results and unlock the potential in your systems, such as  sales and marketing, supply chain, account, territory and resource management, to enable you to take the informed decisions required to drive your business forward.

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Euro IT Group healthcare and pharma engineering services meet clients’ and market requirements while being compliant with regulations and industry standards. We help a number of customers from the healthcare and pharma industry with business-driven technology solutions that simplify access to patient and clinical information, streamline core business processes and maximize interactions with patients/members, physicians, administrators and partners. We have a proven track record of developing healthcare applications and solutions completely or as part of our clients’ teams, customizing and optimizing existing healthcare applications, migration or testing of legacy applications.

We can take your business into web, mobile or into the cloud, improve your internal/external communication through collaboration solutions, help you get further insights supported by our BI or big data expertise, deploy and maintain your corporate wide CRM or improve the governance of business processes through modernization of core processes and systems.

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Euro IT Group has broad experience and competences in the insurance industry; we deliver services and solutions that integrate sales, marketing, customer service and other processes, enabling insurers to optimize their business, streamline processes and deliver best products and services across various channels to reach the digitalized generation while keeping costs under control.

Our insurance expertise includes:

Web and mobile enterprise application development migration, customizations or support: website, online policy selling, online claims management, online customer self service portals, multichannel customer communication, mobile apps, mobile sales force automation and document management,  self service portals, enterprise e-learning and intranets, employee management and training platforms operations support systems development and deployment

CRM/SFA solutions  development, customizations and support and loyalty programs – we are experienced in developing from scratch custom made CRM solutions and in deploying proven CRM solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle CRM, SAP CRM or Salesforce;  we improve your sales process, empowering sales team (the agents, brokers, employees) to boost sales, up-sell/cross-sell while reducing the costs associated with managing policy transactions, all this done having complete control and visibility over agent’s work

Big data and BI solutions – Euro IT Group’s refreshing approach to Big data/BI gives insurers a pragmatic way to unlock the potential of the information within their business. Our solutions give insurers a close look at customer’s behavior patterns and preferences, so they may respond fast by launching new products tailored to match their needs.

Business Process Management solutions  – we enable insurers to automate the claims process shifting focus from data collection and management towards higher customer engagement and need satisfaction.

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Media is going through a time of huge transformation across all parts of the value chain. Agencies, media owners, marketers and advertisers face serious challenges in adapting to a world in which communication has changed dramatically, where paid media strategies have been replaced by a combination of paid, owned and earned media and where consumer behavior and expectations has seriously transformed. Diversified media channels, viral messages in seconds, apps bursting, content marketing, native advertising, and influencer marketing all need to be explored and leveraged.

Euro IT Group can help you adapt your media business to the digital age, streamline your business processes, move your business into the cloud and get the most out of your data through advanced big data techniques while simplifying your enterprise operations.
We build modern solutions and applications for our media customers based on our real market experience and comprehensive technology skill set.

We can support you with:

Content Management Systems:

  • Content repositories and aggregation
  • Portals, websites, ecommerce, e-learning
  • Digital Assets Management
  • Advanced indexing, advanced search, advanced workflows and automatic imports
  • Data Management
  • Multichannel publishing

Big data:

  • Use social media behavior patterns
  • Deliver relevant content to the right customer at the right time
  • Real time personalized content
  • Measure the effectiveness of your digital strategies and determine the most effective methods to deliver content to your targets

Business Process Management:

  • Process modeling
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Workflow and Lifecycle Management Solutions

Cloud consultancy

Mobile Applications

Payment Gateways

Loyalty Programs



We enable retailers to deliver a seamless shopping experience to customers, improve customers’ satisfaction and optimize their operations. Our specialized teams combine vast technical knowledge with domain understanding, covering the complete business cycle, to create real value for retailers by offering end-to-end solutions and services. To strengthen our expertise we focus on creating long term strategic partnerships with leading business solutions vendors such as Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP or Oracle to deliver proven solutions to our customers.

We have broad retail expertise across the following areas:

Web and mobile enterprise applications development, migration, customizations or support: ecommerce, mobile apps, supplier self service portals, multichannel customer communication store applications, enterprise e-learning and intranets, employee management and training platforms operations support systems development and deployment

Business Process Management: We ensure automated financial processes that minimize errors and ease compliance burdens and give higher marketing and promotion effectiveness. We simplify the management of the supply chain and provide real-time performance metrics.

CRM/SFA solutions We are experienced in developing bespoke CRM for the retail industry, or in deployment, customisation and support of leading CRM solutions such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce or Oracle and in implementing advanced loyalty programs.

Big data and BI solutions that drive growth, unlocking the potential in Retailer’s stored information to enable real time decision making in areas such as sales forecasting, operational costs, customer analysis and clusters analytics. Euro IT Group’s pragmatic approach to Big data and BI gives tangible results in a short space of time so you can drive your business forward.

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Euro IT Group has a track record of delivering IT services to mobile telecom operators and software vendors in areas including technology consultancy, system integration, applications development and deployment services using a flexible, yet agile project delivery methodology. We cover broad BSS/OSS domains such as big data, prepaid/postpaid convergence, Service Delivery Platforms, PCRF, HLR/HSS migrations and deployments, fulfillment and revenue assurance, session and call control (INAP, CAMEL, SIP, IMS), data warehouse and analytics.

We cover the following telecom professional services:

Tactical technology consultancy during IT transformation to avoid delays due to poor performance, costly integration, development delays, complex flows, challenging migrations, or proof of concepts

System integration expertise in complex integration projects in the areas of online charging, data policies and call control, value added services, mobility management and customer self care.

E2E telecom applications development from architecture design, prototyping, team setup, E2E project governance (KPIs, policies, standards, processes) and critical components development for the development and deployment of applications in core network, BSS and value added services. We primarily focus on developing applications for real time processing (call control, rating, charging, event processing), low level telecom signaling (SS7, SIP, diameter, AAA) and/or large amount of data

Euro IT Group Telecom Service Creation Environment is built on top of a simple, yet highly adaptable and configurable software architecture which allows fast adaptations either on the network or on the logic side, enabling rapid and cost effective development of telecom applications and fast launch of new service prototypes and concepts for existing legacy and IP network elements.

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Today, most successful travel and accommodation businesses are technology driven. Our teams possess a profound business and technical domain knowledge and proven track record in optimizing IT infrastructures for local and international travel/accommodation companies of all sizes. We can support you while expanding your business by providing full scale technology services including, from IT strategy and technology selection, infrastructure modernization, business processes optimization, migration to new platforms, integration with 3rd parties, web and mobile applications development, maintenance, marketing and sales support.

We develop bespoke customized solutions and applications

We can develop bespoke customized solutions, applications and plugins for:

  • Travelling and accommodation websites and portals, both web and mobile
  • Booking engines for your company’s website
  • Access to global booking channels and integration with other 3rd party software via XML API integration
  • Flexible gateways for secure online payments, dynamic pricing features
  • Mobile applications for travel and accommodation

In addition, we can provide:

  • Business process management and optimization
  • Database design and development
  • Social media marketing integration and tools
  • Affiliate programs support
  • Big data and analytics
  • Data flows automatization
  • Fast geo coding searches
  • Integration with other business systems

Your benefits:

  • Low running costs
  • Reduced load in terms of manual data inputs due to automatic imports and updates
  • Specialized resources available for team augmentation: from technical resources to graphic design, UX, SEO, sales and marketing teams
  • Solutions with intuitive user interface, multi-lingual and multi currency support
  • You can take advantage of our big data expertise
  • Customizable back office
  • SEO friendly systems