Latest Projects – Payment Processing Gateway Development

Our customer, a US based leading provider of credit card processing solutions since 1995, develops and markets a wide range of solutions from the powerful payment engines for the processors, payment gateways and clearing houses […]

Infographic – IT Industry Facts, Stats and Trends

Global IT spending in 2016 is similar to 2015 and there is a forecasted growth of 2,5%-3% per year by 2020.

The global IT services market has grown by 3,7% in 2016 in comparison to 2015 […]

Mobile Strategy in Insurance – Where to Start?

As most employees and customers interact via mobile devices nowadays, mobile strategies become priorities for insurers as a primary means of accessing and providing information and interact with customers and employees.

Not to forget that customers […]

Upgrading to a mature e-Commerce technology platform

If you are a growing online business you might face challenges with your existing e-Commerce platforms, which may mean you’ve outgrown your platform and an upgrade is required.
Reasons to consider upgrading to a new e-Commerce […]

Developing Efficient Software Projects Using Cloud Computing, Part 1

Selecting the Right Cloud Platform
Not all cloud platforms are the same. Application developers have become increasingly savvy about the cloud and the options now available to them. But most of today’s cloud solutions are essentially […]

Infographic: Insurance Industry [Facts & Trends]

The future of the insurance business lies in technology-driven processes restructuring.

Telematics – IoT,  Cloud Computing, Big Data environments, Social and Mobile Integration, and Digital Integration are the key trends that will bring more opportunities for the […]

How do UK Public Sector Organisations Evaluate and Choose IT Services Partners

Since we have recently become an approved public sector supplier for the UK Public Sector as part of the UK Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) Framework we had the opportunity to explore in more details […]

Euro IT Group Acknowledged as Approved Supplier for the Public Sector on the UK Digital Marketplace

Euro IT Group is delighted to announce that it has secured a place on the UK Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) Framework designed for the UK organisations to supply digital services to the UK public […]

Mobile Apps Development: Marketing Strategy and Development Model that work

Do you want to own a successful mobile app?

We sure built a few, ranging from utility apps for end users to high-end B2B apps.

After years of hands-on experience in the mobile apps world, there are […]

5 Ways Custom Software Solutions can improve your Insurance Business

Highly customized software is the key to online profits in the insurance business, where fast-paced software solutions that can almost read your customers’ mind is today’s expectation for car insurance, health or travel insurance customers.

Want […]